Take me home!
Adventure Journal
  Countin' Crows  
  Decide how long you would like to play: a few minutes or miles. Pick something to count, like crows. You may only count crows on your side of the road/car. The players can cause distractions to make others lose count or miss something on their side of the car. If you happen to pass a cemetery on the other side of the car, call out, “your … are buried” (insert the name of what you’re counting), and they will have to start over at zero! Be careful, they may be looking for cemeteries on your side of the car too! The person with the highest number when the game is over wins!
Slug Bunny
  Just like slug bug, but you only get to slug your neighbor when you see a rabbit. Be creative and pick other desert survivors to look for while on this trip and play this game. Be gentle…and don’t slug the driver.
Map Master 
  Good desert survivors know where they are going. Before you leave on your trip, draw a map of the places you will visit. Collect maps of the area and look online to find out where you can stop along the way. Be your family’s tour guide by making yourself an expert about the area before you get to the car. Have your family quiz you on the details of the trip and the location you’re visiting! Remember, good tour guides are truthful and when they don’t know the answer they look it up as soon as they can.